Jacaranda Nest

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whisper sweet daydreams & roses and play things // & the sweetness of Springtime and the sound of the rain

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Permalink | 1 note Mrs. Magic Moon: You’re lonely and you’re blue| kind of strange the way you change| but then again, we all do too.
Permalink | 1 note Raw Rutabega & Sage Pizza fixins’, fresh out of the dehydrator. Topping the crust with spicy zucchini hummus, kalamata olive tapenade, tomatoes, & crisped sage leaves. #rawcuisine #livingfood #g0lubka
Permalink | 1 note Amazed at the bright pink brine. Pickling Watermelon Radish sure adds some color to Winter. #pickleit
Permalink | 1 note Hollyday wreaths coming to you from the wilderness of a southern California landscape
Permalink | 1 note Where once I learned the parameters of a bursting heart. #loveatfirstsight #pnwforest
Permalink | 1 note Yesterday I rediscovered my roots. #pnwforest #decoursey
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